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Marketing and Promotion Channels

PR & Media Coverage

An extensive international Public Relations campaign specific and targeted messaging to our core audience and media. The PR campaign will be planes to reach more than 5,000,000 impressions The event will be featured in some of the top regional Online and offline publications.


Arab Innovation marketing strategy consists of a print advertising campaign extends itself across leading international and regional industry publications, magazines and newspapers.

Direct Mail

Visitor invitations, in the form of flyers and postcards will be mailed across the Middle East to top Executives and Innovation professionals inviting them to Arab Innovation. More than 10,000 contacts were carefully selected from our extensive and ever growing database.


Our SMS reminders and easy registration messages reaches out to more than 100,000 contacts across the GCC.

Arab Innovation Platform

The Arab Innovation open Innovation Platform includes a social timeline, speaker listing, exhibitor listing, Award Voting.


Our Website provides the best online platform to communicate to a target audience of Innovation professionals across the Middle East, Europe, US, Asia and Africa. The Arab Innovation website attracted more than 132,000 visitors till now.

Email Marketing

Our targeted and extensive email campaign communicates with more than 488,000 contacts.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Through the active use of social media, Arab Innovation will build a strong following and presence on various platforms through Google Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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