Joel Robertson

CEO, Robertson Health

Topic: How Artificial Intelligence can Revolutionize Healthcare
Sector: Innovation in Healthcare and AI

Dr. Robertson has been a pioneer in Predictive Analytics and Intelligence for more than 30 years.  He is the CEO of several companies under the umbrella of Robertson Health.  The techniques that have been developed through these companies utilize human reasoning, three-dimensional databases that are consumed by neural network artificial Intelligence processes to predict, prescribe, monitor and learn about people’s health, performance and relationship risks.  These processes take AI to the next level by prescribing “personalized, predictive, and preventative tailored actionable plans” that are based upon what a person will do, rather than what they will do.

One of the Robertson Health company divisions focuses on the poor and uneducated populations in which mobile software “asks questions based upon a person’s knowledge and skills, when they don’t know what to ask”.  This allows mobile software to operate quickly and efficiently while still utilizing cloud based AI that make for a positive user experience.  In a study of 2000 patients, rural health workers showed an increase in accuracy of diagnoses by 52%, which is very close to physician accuracy.  This combination of mobile technology, cloud based databases and AI resulted in Microsoft nominating the company for ComputerWorld’s best healthcare solution.  Ultimately, it was voted as one of the top five solutions in the world.  This software can extend quality, evidenced based care into regions that do not have physicians or even nurses, yet provide accurate and supervised health care.

A recent study on predicting and changing law enforcement personnel’s response to stress utilizing predictive analytics and outcomes is receiving national attention in preventing unwanted behaviors in stressful situations.  Stress indicators were reduced by an average of 62% with an adherence of 72% at one year.

Dr. Robertson is the author of 14 books in the area of neuroscience and neuropharmacology, has published more than 46 articles, done more than 300 speaking engagements, and a recipient of several governmental, foundations and company contracts.