Hiba El Ayal


Sector: Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

Hiba El Ayal is an influential speaker, & entrepreneur with a diversified experience in different multinational corporate companies.

She is passionate about education & its role in self-development so she crossed continents to follow her passion for education & speaking.

In April 2017, She graduated from ” Unleash the Power Within ” Which is Tony Robbins’ signature event.

Hiba is a passionprenur who is trying to reach as many people as possible through speaking platforms to help them live a life full of passion.

She joined Andy Harrington’s Professional Speakers’ Academy 2017 & got certified as a professional public speaker.

Hiba hosted several corporate events & shared the stage with her personal coach Jean-Pierre De Villiers.

Hiba decided to contribute to this world by coaching her clients based on a system that she created, which is a step-by-step guide to find more fulfillment & purpose in life, she also inspires her audience through public speaking in order to influence individuals to be the best version of themselves.